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After we remove the cap of the fountain pen, we need to rotate the knob of the piston, which is located at the end of the pen here, counterclockwise. This pushes the piston all the way up the pen.

Then we take our ink that we’re using and open that up. Start by submerging the nib of the pen all the way under the ink. Then we rotate the knob of the piston again, this time clockwise. This pulls the ink into the pen, as we can see here.

If there are any air bubbles, we can remove them by holding the pen straight up and rotating the knob counter-clockwise, pushing the piston up. This releases any air inside the pen.

We can repeat this same process again so we fill the pen with as much ink as possible.

Finally, we finish off by wiping any excess ink on the nib using a paper towel.

First off, never disassemble your pen right after receiving it and before you have even used it, as there is no reason to. 

An important thing to note is that your pen can be cleaned easily by simply rinsing it. Only disassemble your pen to clean if absolutely necessary. If you decide to do so, before you try disassembling your own pen, please watch this video entirely. You might want to pause and rewatch the steps to ensure you completely understand the process first before you begin.

As you can find in your box, we have a wrench here, which will be necessary in helping us remove the piston when disassembling. 

Before we begin, we need to make sure that the pen we’re using is completely empty, which we can do by pushing any remaining ink out by rotating the piston knob counter-clockwise.

Then we push our piston all the way down, continuing to rotate the piston counter-clockwise until the piston reaches the end.

Now we need to use our given wrench. We first have to find the indented parts of the piston and fit the wrench right in, making sure it stays put. Once the wrench is placed properly, we push and rotate the wrench clockwise. And we keep going until we are able to easily pull apart the piston assembly from the barrel of the pen. 

And now that we have this disassembled barrel here, you can now go ahead and clean off any ink using a paper towel or anything similar. Make sure to clean the barrel all the way to the top. 

Once you’re done with the cleaning, we now want to reassemble the pen. For this, you’re going to need silicone grease, as we have here. This is necessary in order to grease the piston of the pen. We take a very very small amount and apply to the piston, as I do here.

After greasing, we simply insert the piston into the barrel. Using the wrench, we tighten the piston back into the barrel by turning it this time counter-clockwise.

To finish off, we want to spread the grease of the piston by pushing and pulling the piston back and forth a couple of times. This helps to lubricate the barrel for future use.

In case you ever want to replace the nib of your pen with another, it is important you know how to correctly do so.

To start off, you want to find something that you can use to help improve your grip on the nib of your pen. You may want to use a rubber band, a paper towel, or something similar.

It is important to note that when gripping the nib, you want to place your index finger on the top, flat side of the nib and then place your thumb on the opposite flat side of the nib, just as I’ve done here. Never grip the nib by the sides, only on the flat sides.

Now you can remove the nib by rotating counter-clockwise until you are able to simply pull the nib out.

You can then insert your replacement nib and using the same grip technique, rotate the nib clockwise. Make sure the nib is tightened all the way.

The warranty covers any defective parts or if the pen is not functional. However, the pen does not cover any accidental damage by the user. For example, any issue caused by accidentally dropping the pen is not covered by the warranty. Email us at for further assistance.

If you have received a warranty card, please refer to the card for the warranty period as it stated there. Otherwise, the warranty covers a one year period, which begins from the purchase date as indicated on the receipt.


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